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English Examiners: There's no better time – just go for it

Cara Salway, one of our examiners for GCSE English describes her experience of examining with us, and explains why she believes other teachers should mark English papers.

"Every August, I sit back and relax on holiday with my partner and two children. After a busy year, I feel proud that I have successfully juggled family life, English teaching and examining and can enjoy a wonderful summer with a few little treats.

The examining process itself usually takes place during part of the Summer term, when I feel more able to leave school at a reasonable time and come home to mark. I can mark at the times that best suit me, fitting the work around family life and other commitments. The training for English is face-to-face and I have found WJEC Eduqas to be a friendly and supportive exam board. Team Leaders are approachable and there are always opportunities to ask questions (and of course enjoy a nice lunch). The training sessions provide opportunities to network with other teachers and I have made many friends amongst the examiners over the years.

I have grown in confidence as a teacher since marking for WJEC Eduqas, supported by an in-depth understanding of the exams, mark schemes and examination processes. I began examining at the end of my NQT year and noticed immediate professional benefits. It has given me experience of a wide range of responses to exam questions, as well as common mistakes that students make. I feel able to work with past papers and mark schemes with great confidence in the classroom, and can also create practice questions with ease. My Headteacher and Head of Department have always been supportive of my examining work and they recognise its benefits. It has also aided my career progression within school; for example, I have worked on GCSE intervention packages, moderating internal mock exams and leading school CPD meetings on assessment.

There are opportunities to progress within WJEC Eduqas. After a few years of marking, I progressed to Team Leader and then Senior Team Leader, leading and moderating the marking of groups of examiners. I have presented at WJEC Eduqas CPD events as an English Literature Examiner – but be warned, presenting to a room full of teachers is far scarier than teaching Macbeth to 30 year 10 teenagers.

I would encourage any practising teacher to apply to mark with WJEC Eduqas, not just for the financial benefits and sense of achievement but for the unique professional development the marking process offers. With GCSE English and English Literature now being 100% exam in England, there is no better time. Go for it!"

If Cara has inspired your to join our team of examiners, please visit our Examiner website for further details www.eduqas.co.uk/examiners

For further information:
Examiner Team
029 2026 5457