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Our full suite of reformed Geology specifications accredited


We are pleased to announce that our reformed GCSE (9-1), AS and A level specifications have now been accredited by Ofuqal, for first teaching from September 2017.

David Evans, Subject Officer for Geology,
"Our courses will introduce students to the science of 'how the Earth works': its structure, evolution and dynamics, the resources Earth provides and the geohazards it presents."

Our specifications have been developed in consultation with geologist from across the teaching community. Where appropriate, content has been retained and refined from the previous specifications. This enables schools to retain some of their current teaching materials. We have also taken this opportunity to introduce new and exciting content designed to engage students and teachers which in turn will help them to develop a range of skills.

GCSE (9-1)
Our accredited specification is based on 4 key ideas:

  • The formation and deformation of rocks
  • The five "big ideas" that have shaped geology
  • Planetary geology: How comparisons of the Earth with other planetary bodies within the Solar System provide evidence for the origin and evolution of both
  • How human interaction with the Earth can increase or reduce risk

Download the specification and sample assessment materials (SAMs).

AS and A level
Our GCSE specification has been developed with progression to our new AS and A level specifications in mind. These specifications are based on 3 key aspects:

  • Fundamentals of geology: the basics of Earth materials and processes
  • Interpreting the geological record:  further development of Earth processes including long term global climatic change and the formation of natural resources
  • Geological themes:  a series of themes embracing geohazards, the interpretation of geological survey maps, and the study of optional topics in quaternary geology, the geological evolution of Britain and the geology of the lithosphere

Download the specifications and SAMs.

Our Geology qualifications place problem-solving at the heart of learning, encouraging students to respond to geology in both familiar and novel situations in the laboratory and in the field. Students are encouraged to think for themselves, reflecting the skills demanded by those engaged in the study of geology, and other disciplines.

Support and training
We are coordinating briefing sessions and Preparing to Teach training courses to introduce our new specification, SAMs and also give teachers practical ideas to take back to the classroom.

To book your place on one of our courses please visit our training page

To keep up to date with subject specific updates, training opportunities and free resources, please sign up to our email bulletin

For further information:
David Evans
Subject Officer
029 2026 5478