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Top 5 reasons why you should get to know your Regional Representative this term


Catherine Oldham, Eduqas Regional Representative, explains why you should book a free visit to your school or college.

  1. You'll get a real insight into our specifications

Whether you’re completely new to a specification or looking to be updated, we can take you through all aspects of our specifications and make sure you’ve got all the details you need to feel confident delivering the qualification(s). 

We can look through all the available assessment materials and discuss approaches to different types of questions. 

  1. We'll show you all the latest resources and tools to help you get the best out of your classroom

We know how hard it is to keep up with the latest resources available for your subject, so we will take you through everything we have on offer and show you how to make the most of them for your colleagues and students. 

Our dedicated Digital Resources Website is the best starting point for teaching ideas, and as it is always growing, we can make sure you’re up-to-date and familiar with all the latest resources. 

We can also demonstrate how to get the most from the range of student exemplars on our Online Exam Review website and can guide you through the process of analysing results with our Item Level Data facility.  

  1. You can find out about teacher networks in your area to help share best practice and ideas

Because we visit schools every day, we have a good insight into how other schools or colleges are approaching our specifications and can share ideas and examples of good practice with you. We can help you get in touch with other local teachers delivering the course or with teachers we know to have experience and expertise.  

We are also happy to join any networking events in your area so that we can share any updates and listen to your feedback.

  1. You get our ongoing support - from start to finish

We know how important it is for you to have a friendly, professional relationship with your exam board and we hope our visit will be just the start of our relationship with your school or college. As your local contact, we’ll be on hand to respond to your queries, concerns and suggestions - and our team of specialist subject officers in Cardiff are always ready to help with further expert advice and support.

  1. We've been there! We know what it takes to be a teacher and understand the support you want

We’ve all been teachers so we understand what you need from your exam board. 

We know how often things change, how little time you have to keep abreast of new materials and how your department circumstances can change. We know that you want professional, accurate advice and a friendly face. That’s why we hope you will get in touch and keep in touch.

Want to find out more? Book a visit with one of our team of regional representatives today!

Catherine Oldham
Region: North

Jonathan Harrington
Region: South East

Dave Evans
Region: North West

Ant Fleming
Region: East Anglia and Kent

David Jones
Region: South West, Midlands